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We are a German design studio specialized in brand consultancy and creation. In times of bloated agencies, we provide hands-on leadership to elevate brands, products and people to the next level. ⚡️

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Supercharge your brand with our expert guidance on strategy, cutting edge technology, and brand design. With our combined cross-industry expertise, we know the ropes when it comes to building successful brands from the start.


Elevate your startup!

Working with startups and major corporations on a daily basis, we have often been in the driver’s seat when it came to developing impactful brands. In this whitepaper, we give you access to our key insights on how to build a successful startup and avoid common pitfalls. On top of that, you can sign up for a free brand audit of your business!

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👆 Startup Whitepaper Series

8 obstacles to a successful startup and how to overcome them.

The first part of the series is all about your company’s foundation and business model to get a reality check of your core values against your competitors.

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